Bymacht offers technical support for all of its products and solutions through the Confidence Support Program. This worldwide program has five levels; each adds incremental value and includes a different configuration. The highlights include:
  • Online Support - This is the basic level, and is done through Telephone calls and over the emails. Service Requested will be processed on queue basis. Response time will be maximum within 24 hours.
  • Business day Support - The customer who has registered to this support agreement, will have access to services and documentation at the Technical Support Centre via Web, email or phone (24 hours a day, 365 days a year)
  • Remote Management Support – Our engineers will remotely access your IT equipments and support you based on the request. Will also do a monthly visit to the site, to ensure that things are in place. This agreement will cover Business Day Support terms as well.
  • Hardware maintenance and replacement
    • Every product that we sell, comes with a default hardware warranty of 90 days from the hardware vendor. And the replacement will be as per the vendor rules.
    • Extended standard hardware warranty option is available, which will cover warranty after expiration of the initial term for all units
    • Hardware Service Contracts are available for all the products, on an yearly basis.
  • On-site support
    • Same day Onsite Support (Business Hours) – Selected Cities Only
    • Next business day on-site support provided by a certified Product Engineer. (Selected Cities Only)
    • Either on-site support provided within four hours by a third-party technician or a hot spare unit available at your site (Only available in major cities)
Please click on the below link for more information on the confidence support program. Or please call your Sales Manager now!
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