WAAS-ENT-VIRT-K9Virtual WAAS (Separate License Required) 
LIC-750-VWAASLicense for 750 optimized connections 
LIC-6K-VWAASLicense for 6000 optimized connections 
LIC-12K-VWAASLicense for 12000 optimized connections 
WAAS-VIDEO-WM-VIRTWAAS Video License for Windows Live Streaming 
WAAS-CM-VIRT-K9Virtual WAAS Central Manager (Separate License Required) 
LIC-VCM-100NLicense to manage up to 100 WAAS Nodes 
LIC-VCM-2000NLicense to manage up to 2000 WAAS Nodes 
LIC-200-VWAASLicense for 200 optimized connections 
LIC-200-VWAAS-APPLicense for 200 optimized connections for VWAAS-APP 
WAAS-ENT-VAPP-K9Virtual WAAS Enterprise License for VAPP (SRE Application)

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