Paging (Text) in Snom Phones

Text messages (desktop messages) to the idle screen of the Snom 3xx phones, follow these steps:

1. Configure these settings on the web interface


  • Identity -> SIP -> Support broken Registrar ->ON
  • Advanced -> QOS/Security -> Filter Packets from Registrar -> OFF
  • Advanced -> SIP/RTP ->Network identity (port): 5060
  • Advanced -> Behavior -> Clear Desktop Message on Cancel

–> OFF -> message stays permanently

–>ON ->message can be deleted via “Cancel” key

2. Reboot the Snom Phone (Advanced –> Update –> Reboot)

3. Set up at least one identity (e.g. 123@yourpbx) on the phone and select it as outgoing identity.

4. Install SIPSAK on any computer in your network (Linux/ Windows versions available).

5. Enter the following command: sipsak -i -M -B “Hi Bymacht” -s sip:identity@phoneIP:port

Eg: sipsak -i -M -B “Hi Bymacht ” -s sip:123@

6. Result: The message “Hi Bymacht” will be displayed depending on the phone type:

In snom 820: line above the softkey icons (won’t overwrite them); see the screenshot below:

In snom 370: line above the softkey icons; see the screenshot below:

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