Snom Hot Desking

Imagine this scenario: You have an office setting/Call center setting. Multiple person will use a single Snom phone on different shift through the day. Each person has their own extension/user name & password on PBX. When they need to work on the IP phone they can login with their extension and when they are going out they can logout of the extension .Whenever the next person comes in they can use their information (User name & password) to login to the IP phone.

This feature is called Hot desking for Snom phones. “Hot Desking” allow you to share the one Snom phone by many users.

Note: For optimal use of below functionality, all the phones in the network must run on Snom Firmware V7 or above.


  • In Advance, you need to configure the following settings via Mass Deployment
XML Format 
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
               <user_host idx="1" perm="R"></user_host>    
                <user_outbound idx="1" perm="R">Ip_address:port</user_outbound> 
                <fkey idx="0" context="active" perm="R">keyevent F_LOGOFF_ALL</fkey>

Values for XML Format:
          user_host: Your Domain name(All users are registered to the same registrar)
          user_outbound: Outbound proxy address (If Not require remove it)
          fkey: Programming function key(P1) for Logoff all users
  • By pressing the pre-programmed “snom” function key (P1), the following screen is shown:

  • If you confirm, all currently configured extensions (SIP identities) will be unregistered immediately and their configuration data deleted from the phone
  • In addition the logon wizard will be shown on the display:

  • Press a key and enter the new extension to log on, e.g. 574

    • Confirm with  and enter the registrar of the new extension.

    • Usually an authentication is required and the user will be prompted for password:

    • After the successful registration

    • Once a user is hitting the function key configured with F_LOGOFF_ALL, the identities and configures the account in same Snom phone. All the next user is required to enter is his account and the corresponding password.

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