The snom-ticker: Follow the matches in real time on your phone and win great prizes!

snom has gone football crazy!

This year snom has been gripped again by the fever of the World Cup.

In 2008, in cooperation with Bevuta and CIPHRON we offered a very popular European Cup live-Ticker with integrated betting pool! And of course we want to make it better at the World Cup 2010. So get caught and take a stab at it.

Lots of fun and great prizes are guaranteed!

…sponsored by: bevuta IT, CIPHRON & Designskins

The snom-ticker


For the duration of the FIFA World Cup 2010 snom is offering a free match results ticker to all users of a snom 3xx and 8xx IP phone. The ticker may be requested  in combination with the game or simply as a result ticker. The snom-ticker makes it possible to watch the results and scores of the FIFA World Football Cup in real time though an Action-URL and via XML-Minibrowser on your IP phone.

The snom ticker is free for all users of snom phones!

snom game

To be able to participate in the game you have to be registered. Every full aged user of a snom 3xx or 8xx can participate in the game and win great gifts. The participation in the game is free!

This is how it works:

Each participant has to submit one prediction for each of the individual matches of the World Cup 2010.

VERY IMPORTANT: Every prediciton has to be made not later than 15 minutes before the kick-off. Otherwise the prediction is invalid!

Should your hint be successful, we will credit 3 points to your account. If your hint for the final score is wrong but you predicted the right winning team you receive 1 point. Beyond that participants can win additional point by answering questions of different subjects which appear every day.

The game will come to an end on the last matchday of the FIFA World Cup 2010.

The 30 participants with the highest number of points will receive the below listed prizes. Should some participants have the same number of point the lucky winner of our prize draw will be chosen at random.





In ordern to configure your snom phone for the snom-Ticker 2010 you need:

  • a snom phone 3xx or 8xx;
    • for snom 3xx with firmware-version > 7.1.30;
    • for snom 8xx with firmware-version > 8.2.29

Here find the latest firmware-versions for your phone.

Furthermore you have to be registered! If you’re already signed in, please check your incoming mails.



  1. Please open the web-interface of your snom phone. Therefore your need the IP-address of your phone, which will be shown to you if you press “help”.
  2. Please select in the function keys or control key.

3. Just choose a key over which you would like to call up the snom-Ticker (e.g. SNOM) and put it on Action URL.

4.Copy your personal ticker-address from you registration mail in the  the box below.

Press the key “save” in order to save your changes. By using the configured key you have a fast access on the snom-ticker 2010. Now your always up to date. If your already registered , you can win great gifts!

Lots of fun

your snom WM-Team

and Bevuta und Ciphron


Terms and conditions of the snom-ticker:


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